Thursday, September 8, 2011

Ahlan Hot 100

I was super flattered to be one of 2011's 'Hot 100 List'- noted as a 'Pioneer', and I think my portrait turned out pretty good too (thank you to Daniel Partovi for buying my portrait to donate money to Breast Cancer Research and to Juliet Catherine Dunne for the lovely picture).

It was such fun trying on clothes with Pia Aung at various boutiques but I ended up splurging on my own black and gold floor-length number with a lace train and a custom-headpiece. I like to make an entrance. ;)

I was up to no good at the party of course, kicking my heels off and jumping around like a ninny long after all the glamorous people left and only the debauched remained, crowded around the speakers in our finest threads.

The hardbound book sits on my coffee table next to my David LaChapelle and Urban Art books and I thought I'd share the article with you. It calls me 'crazy beautiful creative'...and an 'octopus'...all in one line. Hmm...


Hara said...

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Diya Ajit said...

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