Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Parachute Secrets & Bucharest, Romania

It's been a busy summer and I spent a while shooting some hair commercials in Bucharest, Romania. Bucharest is a strange place. Everything is stuck in time- the architecture, the music blaring out of shops as you pass by (think Wham! Micheal Learns to Rock and Boyzone...), and the way people dress.

We spent our days working, walking the streets, people-watching, eating big fat dinners and drinking coarse wine. Oh yeah and a one off visit to a casino and a strip club (I got tricked into it I promise you!).

I also got in touch with some Romanian fashion bloggers such as Alice in Vintageland at PopCulture&Magic and Tokyo & Seoul Dreams. Who pointed me towards some vintage stores and markets. Thanks ladies!

Here are the hair commercials we made for Parachute Secrets hair oil...

Main commercial...


Agency: DDB Dubai
Client: Marico- Parachute Secrets
Creative Director: Firas Medrows
Account Director: Anshuman Kishore
Senior Copywriter: Karim Sherif
Senior Art Director: Diya Ajit
Arabic Copywriter: Ali Mohammad
Production House: ABIS Films, Bucharest, Romania
Producer: Heba Kharouf
Director: Nicolas Salis
DOP: John Alfirevitch
Sound: BKP, Dubai

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