Tuesday, February 7, 2012

News on shoes...

How great is this PUMA poster designed by Kris Dozign Balerite? Featuring the shoe I designed with PUMA last year, it really brings the colours of my shoe design out and makes it literally leap off the page.

I've been busy sketching and designing shoes for the past few months and have some top secret plans in motion. Let's just say it involves women, a made-in-Italy stamp, luxury, high fashion, comfort and exclusivity.

Those who know me well know I have a massive shoe fetish and have a dedicated wall display for my shoes at home. Well I'm about to take things a step further and really show everyone just how much I love shoes! And I'm hoping you'll love what I have to share too!

A recent feature in Quint Magazine delves a little more into what I've got up my sleeve. I was interviewed by my close friend Gayathri Krishnan who is the new editor over at Quint so its a very personal and candid insight into where I'm at creatively at the moment.

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